They Think It’s All Over….. It Is Now!

“It was a game of Two half’s” “A must Win” “both teams giving 110%”……..wait it gets better! I was just maximising the cliches so we can crack on with the the synopsis.

Omission: Commentary is not included in the above statement

Two teams arrive at the Hive, smiles and genial banter bouncing of the stadium walls, anticipation of the match to come is evident, the Sugarman and Tempest captains bellowing out words of wisdom as they make their way to the dressing rooms.

The roar of approval that emanated from the dressing room echoing down the tunnel as the players are introduced to “A day in the life of a professional footballer”  everything laid out ready for battle to secure The PPs Cup and the glory that goes with it.

Kits on, reality kicking in, warm up is in full flow, footballs spraying across the training field, deft touches and tricks aplenty for all to see. The game is shaping up to be a must see extravaganza, kick off is imminent ,The anticipation is palpable as the players lined the tunnel.

Guest of honour Ray Parlour at the entrance to the tunnel exchanging handshakes with captains and officials alike, a huddled exchange of words, maybe advice…maybe a back hander for the man of the match? who knows! The players take to the pitch, the UEFA anthem playing in the background….. its kick off time.

The PPS Cup is within each team’s grasp as the whistle is blown….It’s down to the 22 men on the pitch.



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