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Preferred suppliers list

Recruitment agencies are operating a Preferred supplier list for umbrella companies for the ease of administration process and avoid debt transfer as per the legislation. If you have a PSL or considering setting one up, we would like to be part of it.

Why should PPS Pay be on your PSL List?
  • We offer a fixed margin with no hidden fees so no surprises for your contractors
  • Salary payment is processed by faster payment on the same day we receive the funds
  • Full Turnkey Accountancy Service – Umbrella / Direct Engaged Payroll / CIS certified provider
  • 1 in house CIMA accredited Senior Treasury Accountant
  • 3 in house Management Accountants
  • National Remit
  • Most importantly zero tax liability
What we Strive to Deliver?

100% Overcome Administrative Burdens

100% Best Practice Customer Service

100% Industry Leading Candidate Management Margin

100% Dedicated Account management experts

If you choose to appoint PPS Pay as a preferred supplier, we will guarantee you a single point of contact.