The PPS Charity Cup: Sugarman Vs. Tempest

We’re delighted to say that the first annual PPS Cup went down a storm. In what is set to become a growing yearly event, Sugarman Group and Tempest Resourcing Ltd. came together to battle it out on the football pitch, all in the name of charity. It was explosive (to say the least), high tension, end to end stuff, which saw Sugarman victorious, finishing the match with a comprehensive 6 nil win over their opposition.

If you’re keen on seeing how the game played out, you can find full highlights of the match here, but we would like to give a shout out to Man of the Match Glen Cordell, whose sterling performance was very much worthy of the accolade, and whose donation of the prize money to charity we all applaud.

However, the festivities didn’t end there. With special guest host Ray Parlour overseeing proceedings, it was onto the charity auction. The ex-Arsenal legend, in the way that only he could, got the crowd going and digging deep in their pockets. With bids totalling over £1,500 for a whole host of amazing prizes, including a signed Romford Pele shirt, a magnum of champagne, Red Letter Experience Days and a selection of hampers, we couldn’t be more delighted with the results.

So thank you kindly to all the winning bidders, and to those of you who egged them on and pushed up the auction price – your efforts didn’t go unnoticed!

We would also like to thank both Sugarman and Tempest for putting on an excellent display of sportsmanship, Barnet F.C. for working with us to put on this event, and to the man himself, Ray Parlour for providing countless quips and being an all-round legend.

Of course we reserve our greatest thanks for everyone who donated time, money and effort to organising the event. The reason why we have begun the PPS Cup isn’t to play football, but to support the outstanding work of Cancer Research and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

The money raised for Cancer Research will go towards funding scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat testicular cancer, with every pound donated improving the lives and hopes of cancer patients.
For the RHND all donations will go towards providing invaluable support and care for people living with neuro-disability, improving their and their family’s quality of life.

So far we have raised over an incredible £4,500, though it doesn’t stop there! These are two charities which are incredibly close to our hearts, and we ask that you consider making a donation too. No matter how small your contribution, every penny raised will be hugely appreciated and go towards helping those in need.

In the meantime, stay tuned for announcements regarding next year’s PPS Cup! Plans are already afoot to make the event even bigger and better than this year’s, and we’ll be looking to get you involved!

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